Are you looking for the right binding elements for your binding project? You will be able to come across numerous binding options in order to provide a great professional look to the binding project. Well, in order to bind documents one can either opt for wire binding or spiral binding. However, whatever format one chooses, spiral bindings is the most popular binding technique. This technique is ideal for those who are looking to self-publish their work.

Common Question

A common question which can come across peoples mind is the basic difference between spiral and wire binding. Basically, in both the printing technique, one would need a wire to bind the documents. When the document is bind with the wire, it can easily provide the required outcome.

In order to understand, which binding method is important, it is crucial to know about them in details. Only after that investigating the details would be of great help.

spiral bindings

Wire Binding

This form of binding is commonly referred to as wire-o-binding. This form of binding allows binding together pages and documents. In fact, this form of binding comes in two different binding styles. They are:

  • Double-loop wire binding
  • Wire Comb binding

One thing which is worth taking a note is that unlike spiral bindings, wire-o-binding offers different color options. At the same time, one gets to choose different wire lengths depending on the printing project.

Wire binding is known to provide a professional look. It’s because the wire used is of metal. Hence, those who want to bind documents for an office project or presentation should opt for this binding method. One of the best features about wire binding is that the pages of the book can be kept flat as it can rotate 360 degrees.

Spiral Bindingspiral bind

Another important binding style is spiral binding. As a matter of fact, spiral bindings are vastly different from wire binding. This binding technique requires binding the pages with a wire or plastic coil. Basically, on the edges of the paper, holes are punched through which the spiral wire or coil is inserted.

Just like the wire binding, spiral binding also offers numerous color options. However, the pages can rotate up to 300 degrees. The only drawback of this technique is that it doesn’t provide a professional look. Often, booklet and catalogs are bind with this technique.

The Difference

  • The difference between spiral and wire binding is very simple. It’s based on the type of binding material being used for placing the documents together. In simple terms, spiral bindings make use of plastic coil; whereas wire binding makes use of metal wire.
  • Another difference which shouldn’t be overlooked while binding a document is that wire binding should be used to bind books which are 1.125” thick; on the other hand, spiral binding should be used to bind books that are 7/8” thick.

Are you interested to bind a book or a document for your school/ office project? One should hire a professional who can offer coil binding, spiral bindings, and wire binding for any kind of project.