When you plan to invest in gold ornaments, you are making a smart move. Well, when you first went to shop for gold jewellery from renowned jewellery stores Toronto, you might have noticed its bright polish and also its sparkle. However, you will need to maintain your gold jewellery so that it retains its sparkle. Without proper maintenance, your gold trinkets would become dull and sometimes it can even become discoloured.

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Easy Tips to Help Your Jewellery Remain In Top Shape


It is a known fact that every woman loves to brandish their gold jewellery. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that gold is a soft metal that can be easily scratched. Jewellery items like rings or necklaces are more vulnerable. In order to prevent such damage it is important to follow some simple tips.


Proper Maintenance

 There is no doubt that gold jewellery is easy to maintain, but if it comes with precious stones it needs to be maintained properly. According to jewellery stores Toronto, it would be best if one takes off their ornaments like stone embedded rings before cleaning or doing any activity.


Regular Cleaning

 Wearing gold jewellery can lead to the ornament getting a dull finish and also a layer of grime. It is a normal thing as it the result of sweat and dust accumulation. However, regular cleaning of the ornament can easily keep up the shine of the metal. Here you must remember that soap and water can work wonders when you plan to clean the items. However, you need to make sure that you rub gently. Also, make sure to dry the items completely.jewellery stores Toronto


Proper Storing

You might know that gold is a soft metal. Thus, if this metal comes in contact with other jewellery pieces, it can get damaged. Basically, if any jewellery items get rubbed with other pieces, scratches can develop. So, it would be best to store them separately by wrapping it in soft cotton cloth. If you have jewellery box to store the items separately it would be great.


Avoid Chlorine

Experts of leading jewellery stores Toronto clearly explain that it is important to avoid chemicals. So before applying any perfume, it is important to take off the trinkets.  This is because gold is sensitive to chemicals. When it gets exposed to chemicals on a regular basis the trinket can become weak. Eventually, the jewellery can break.


Occasional Buffing

 You may not need to clean your jewellery every month, but buffing the items with soft cloth can be of great help. It can help to restore the shine of the item immediately.


No Rough Handling

According to the jewellery stores Toronto experts, you should not handle your jewellery items roughly. Careful handling can help to keep jewellery in great shape.


Among all metals that are available in the market, gold is one such metal that is easy to maintain. You will just need to follow the aforementioned tips provided by jewellery stores Toronto in order to keep the same twinkle of your gold trinkets.