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55 Metcalfe, Suite 200
Ottawa, On
K1P 6L5

Téléphone: Ottawa  (613) 366-5074 x 121 | Cornwall  (613) 932-3629 | Point Edward (519) 336-2720 | Sault Ste. Marie (705) 256-8208

Fax: (613) 366-5174


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. robert maki

    Camera #4 was recently removed from website…..this was best view of anticipated wait lines on Canadian side. Will this camera be turned back on?

    1. Andre Girard Post author

      Good afternoon. I just spoke with the bridge authority ( and they have conmfirmed that the camera is offline, but it is temporary. The camera was taken down as part of the plaza work that required the fibre optic to be cut over to the new maintenance facility. Work is scheduled for next week to upgrade the two cameras on the same pole, and restore the camera that is offline at the same time.